January 2, 2024

Tailored compression stockings

Choosing the right size of compression stockings is imperative for effective performance. The stockings create a descending pressure that improves blood flow and waste removal.
In this article, we explain how to easily choose the right size!

Medical compression stockings

SolvaCare medical compression stockings were developed by a team of vascular surgeons and vascular scientists at the University College of London (UCL).
The compression profile of our stockings has been specially developed to prevent deep venous thrombosis. Anti Thrombosis stockings are a standard part of the protocol to prevent blood clots in many countries and are widely used in hospitals during and after operations.

It was soon discovered that the stockings also help against tired legs or swollen ankles. Doctors and nurses in the OR also started wearing the stockings to combat tired legs caused by standing still for long periods of time. This is why they are now also widely used by people with standing jobs.

Four sizes, four colours

Why is the right size so important?

Given SolvaCare’s medical background, we opt for serious and safe sizing. Here, you determine the size based on ankle circumference.

The compression stockings provide descending pressure from the ankle to the calf. This pressure helps pump the blood from the legs back up, for better blood circulation.

If the pressure on the ankle is not optimal, the stockings are not effective. This is why it is important to measure ankle circumference and not assume shoe size. Foot length has nothing to do with ankle circumference.

Some other, even more expensive, brands offer compression stockings based on shoe size. This is easier when buying, but does not guarantee effectiveness.

The wrong size can even be dangerous, hindering blood flow n rather than improving it!

SolvaCare compression stockings size

SolvaCare compression stockings are available in four sizes. Thus, we offer the right compression profile for almost all adults, guaranteed.

We will be happy to tell you which size of compression stocking is right for you!
Both women’s and men’s compression stockings are measured in the same way.

To determine the right size, we offer a handy size guide. Measure your ankle circumference, just above the ankle joint. Enter the number of centimetres in the size guide. It will then immediately give you the correct recommendation.

Maatwijzer SolvaCare

Putting on the compression stockings effectively 

Putting on the stockings correctly is also important. This ensures that they do their job efficiently. To check whether you put them on properly, follow the instructions in the donning instructions. These instructions will also help you with useful tips if you have difficulty putting on the stockings.
SolvaCare compression stockings are elastic in both width and length. This means that the stockings are also suitable for people with long lower legs.

Want to buy medical compression stockings?

Our medical compression stockings are available in our own webshop. We offer free shipping throughout the Netherlands and ship the stockings within two working days! SolvaCare compression stockings are also available at the independent chemist in your area. buy them in shop or order them there.

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