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On this page you will find answers to common questions about our medical compression stockings. The questions are divided into the following categories: general, sizing, use, problems, availability and contact.

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What's the difference between private label compression stockings and our compression stockings?

There are several factors to think about when deciding between SolvaCare compression stockings and private label stockings. Our products offer superior quality and fit, and a wider range of colours. We are proud of the following qualities:

Materials and quality

We use soft and comfortable materials. The stockings do not contain an elastic band at the top because this interferes with the compression process. So you don't feel that pinching sensation.


Our compression stockings come in four sizes, catering to almost everyone. Use our size guide here. Our compression stockings are thin and elastic, stretching easily in both length and width.


We offer four colours: dark grey, white, beige and blue. Our sports compression stockings are available in green and blue.

Compression level

SolvaCare compression stockings use a scientifically proven pressure profile. By correctly measuring the stockings, you can ensure that the pressure is applied in the right place, making the product more effective.


What size do I need?

There are four different sizes of compression stockings available. Measure the circumference of your ankle using a measuring tape.

Place the tape about two centimetres above the ankle bone. The size in centimetres corresponds to the size you need. View our size guide here.

  • small = 19-23 cm ankle circumference
  • medium = 23-26 cm ankle circumference
  • large = 26-29 cm ankle circumference
  • extra-large = 29-33 cm ankle circumference

Please note! Compression stockings based on shoe size are potentially dangerous! The size of the foot is not related to the thickness of the leg, and compression primarily affects the leg!

Please note! If you have thicker calves and your calf size is more than double your ankle size, it’s best to choose one size larger.

How do I identify the right size?

Each size has a different colour code. You can find these on the inside of the top cuff of the stocking. The coloured band corresponds to the size of the stocking.

Colour codes are helpful when you have different sizes at home or forget your size. The colour codes are:

  • Green = small = 19-23 cm ankle circumference
  • Blue = medium = 23-26 cm ankle circumference
  • Red = large = 26-29 cm ankle circumference
  • Orange = extra-large = 29-33 cm ankle circumference

Why is it not recommended to choose compression stockings based on shoe size?

The stocking’s effectiveness is based on a scientifically researched pressure profile from ankle to calf.

Graduated pressure from bottom to top encourages blood circulation in the leg. There is no point in choosing a product based on shoe size because there is no correlation between foot size and ankle or calf size. It's difficult to gauge the correct pressure on the leg based on shoe size. You might actually impede blood flow and waste removal, which can be potentially dangerous!

To ensure correct stocking pressure, you need to look at the size of the ankle.

The stockings have a highly elasticated base. This improves comfort while wearing the stocking and guarantees a good fit.

The stockings are too short!

SolvaCare compression stockings stretch both widthways and lengthways. People with long lower legs can pull up the stocking higher.

Make a twisting motion with your hands while putting on the stockings, similar to turning a steering wheel. The fabric of the stocking will stretch. This has no effect on the pressure profile or the performance of the stocking.


When should medical compression stockings be worn?

Medical compression stockings should not be confused with regular compression stockings. When should medical compression stockings be worn?

The stockings provide relief for swollen feet and ankles from prolonged standing or sitting. They are specifically designed to prevent deep vein thrombosis and help with symptoms while preventing varicose veins and other conditions.

The level of high pressure exerted by these stockings is crucial for their therapeutic effect. Compression stockings help to drain blood faster, reducing swelling.

Medical compression stockings are also suitable to wear for tired legs or during pregnancy. Stockings are beneficial for pregnant women as they prevent swelling in the feet and ankles and relieve symptoms of varicose veins.

How do I know if I have put the stockings on correctly?

When worn correctly, SolvaCare compression stockings are highly effective in promoting blood circulation. What is the most effective way for compression stockings to work? And how do you check? Follow these instructions carefully:

1: Make sure that the stocking fits snugly and smoothly over the lower leg.

2: Make sure the dark-coloured heel section fits securely under the heel.

3: Don’t fold the top edge of the stocking over.

4: The upper edge of the stocking should end two fingers below the knee.

Can I wear the compression stockings day and night?

SolvaCare Compression stockings can be worn 24 hours a day. Whether this is necessary depends on why you are wearing the stockings.

If you are wearing the stockings to prevent deep vein thrombosis, then you can wear them day and night. You can do this until you can move your legs properly again.

If you are wearing the stockings for other reasons, you can take them off when your legs are no longer under strain. There are no set number of hours per day the socks must be worn.

When should I not use the compression stockings?

There are various medical reasons why stockings are not advisable. Click here for more information.

Can I wear socks over compression stockings?

Yes, you can. The therapeutic elastic stockings are so thin that even with extra socks, your shoes will fit perfectly. Make sure that the socks are not too tight. This may interfere with the pressure profile.

Are compression stockings only for women?

Definitely not! Although women are more likely to experience tired and heavy legs, the stockings are suitable for women and men. You can wear the compression stockings whenever you have tired legs or other conditions.

Can I wear compression stockings during sport?

Yes, compression stockings are often used by athletes. Compression stockings support the flow of blood back to the heart. SolvaCare compression stockings are perfect for athletes because they guarantee the right pressure profile.

The compression socks are very thin, so athletes also wear them with ankle socks or trainer socks. When wearing ankle socks, make sure that they don't extend above the ankle bone. Ankle socks can be worn under or over the stocking. This will not affect the performance of the compression stocking.

SolvaCare sport compression stockings have been specifically developed for sports. They are thicker and firmer, with enhanced comfort and a sportier look. The SolvaCare sport compression stockings are measured by shoe size.

How often should I wash the compression stockings?

As often as you wash other stockings and socks. You'll find washing instructions on our website or on the packaging.

How many pairs of compression stockings do I need?

That depends on why you need the stockings. If you wear compression stockings daily, we recommend buying three pairs. A pair to wear, a pair in the wash, and a spare pair. Then you'll never run out.

I don't feel any pressure on my foot.

That's right. The stockings are effective thanks to the decreasing pressure from ankle to calf. Pressure on the foot does not affect the flow rate of blood in the lower leg. The base of the stocking is very stretchy to improve comfort when wearing.

Do compression stockings also help with cold and tired feet and ankles?

Yes, they do. SolvaCare's compression stockings can provide relief for cold feet and ankles.

Wearing compression stockings ensures good blood circulation in the leg. If you still have cold feet or you experience pain wearing the stockings, we recommend you go to the doctor. Our compression stockings also provide relief if you suffer from heavy or tired legs.

Do I need to keep the packaging?

Yes! The cardboard packaging contains important and useful information about the stockings. The batch number is displayed on the back which helps us to find out when the stockings were produced. Please include the batch number if you have a complaint.


Wearing the compression stockings is painful. What can I do?

If you feel pain while wearing compression stockings, take them off immediately and consult your doctor.

What can I do to stop the compression stockings sagging?

SolvaCare compression stockings are intentionally not fitted with a tight band at the top. While it would prevent sagging, it would affect the pressure profile.

If you wear the tight stockings pulled over the calf, they won't sag easily. Make sure you choose the right size and make sure you put the stockings on correctly.


Where can I buy SolvaCare compression stockings?

SolvaCare compression stockings are available at all DM pharmacy branches in small, medium and large, in beige and dark grey/black.

You can order all sizes and colours in our webshop, including extra large and blue and white.

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I have a question, comment or complaint. Where can I turn to?

For all your questions, comments or possible complaints you can send us a message via the contact form. You can expect a response within 48 hours.