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Suffering from tired legs?

About a quarter of all people regularly suffer from tired legs. This is a little less common in men than in women.

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Blood flow

The cause of tired legs is poor blood flow. The heart pumps our blood around the body. On the way to the legs it releases oxygen to muscles and organs. The way back is intended to drain oxygen-depleted blood and waste products. That is not as easy. The heart has to pump vigorously to move the blood upwards against the gravity. The calf muscles help. When they are tightened, they act like a pump that helps the blood flow on its way up.


If you do not move a lot, for example by standing or sitting for a long time, this system may be disrupted. This is often accompanied by an annoying, sometimes even painful or tingling sensation in the legs. You suffer from heavy or tired legs. It is also common that at the end of the day you retain a little more fluid and you have swollen ankles.


If you have to stand for a long time because of your profession, for example in a shop, hairdressing salon, hospital or waiting tables or working in a bar, you have a higher risk of suffering from tired legs or swollen ankles. This is also the case when you sit for extended periods of time, for example at the computer or during a long trip in the car or plane.

Move more

It is important to try to move as much as possible in between long periods of sitting or standing. Especially the pumping movement of the foot is important, tightening the calf muscles helps blood circulate. Sit on a chair or lie on the floor, lift your legs without bending them and put your hands underneath your knees. Make circular and pumping movements with your foot. This is a good exercise to prevent tired legs.


SolvaCare compression stockings help against tired legs and swollen ankles. This improves blood circulation in the legs.


The following tips ensure healthy veins and help with tired legs, restless legs, heavy legs and swollen ankles.

  • Move enough, at least half an hour a day.
  • Mind your weight, obesity puts a strain on the blood circulation.
  • Stop smoking and drink alcohol in moderation.
  • Do not wear high heels or clothes that are too tight.
  • Massage your legs every day (from bottom upwards).
  • Regularly give your legs an alternating shower (first warm then cold, also from bottom upwards).
  • Raise your legs a little higher than your heart every day. You can do this by putting a pillow underneath your legs when lying on the couch or in bed. But you can also do it actively, by throwing your legs in the air and supporting your back with your arms while lying on the ground.