Wound cleaning with cleansing wipes


Our wound cleansing wipes are formulated using the latest techniques in line with modern wound treatment protocols. The wound wipes are impregnated with 0.9% NaCl solution. This isotonic saline solution has the same salt concentration as the saline levels of fluid in the body.

Clean or disinfect a wound?

Our wound cleansing wipes are designed to clean wounds instead of disinfecting them. This is more effective for healing wounds. Disinfecting using iodine or similar products can impede healing by damaging the healthy cells surrounding the wound. Cleaning the wound is more important than disinfecting it for effective wound healing. This is in line with modern wound treatment protocols used in the medical field.

Suitable for cleaning small wounds, abrasions and bleeding wounds

The wipes are suitable for cleaning different types of wounds, such as small open wounds, abrasions or cuts. In case of a deep wound, do not use wipes and seek medical advice if you are worried.

Ideal for on the go

SolvaCare wound cleansing wipes are individually packaged. The wipes are always sterile and are ideal to take on day trips, holidays and other outdoor activities. 

Does not damage cells

The wipes clean without damaging the cells, stimulating new tissue growth.

Use for children

The wound cleansing wipes are suitable for children. The 0.9% NaCl solution does not sting. Each wipe is made from soft and natural material to avoid skin irritation.

Wound cleaning instructions for use

Wash your hands thoroughly before using the wound cleansing wipes to prevent any infection.

Step 1: Remove the wipe from the package

Check the packaging for any damage, as this may mean that the wipe is no longer sterile and could contain bacteria.

Step 2: Remove the dirt from the wound and clean gently

Carefully clean the wound and the wound edges with the soft wipe.

Step 3: Allow the wound to air dry

Make sure the wound is thoroughly dry.

Step 4: Cover the wound with a bandage or plaster

When the wound is dry, cover it with a bandage or plaster.

Step 5: Always keep a close eye on the wound

If the bleeding continues or the wound doesn't heal properly, it's advisable to see a doctor!

Storing the wound cleansing wipes

Store the wound cleansing wipes in a dry and cool place. Keep the packaging tightly closed so that the wipes remain sterile and don’t dry out.


Available at your drugstore

SolvaCare wound cleansing wipes are not available in our webshop, but are available at your DM pharmacy.