Buying compression stockings

SolvaCare compression stockings differ from compression stockings chosen by shoe size in terms of function and quality. We offer the best quality compression stockings on the market at an affordable price for everyone.

Our products are developed based on extensive scientific research. The stockings were designed by a team of vascular scientists and surgeons. The result is an effective pressure profile that ensures the correct stimulation of blood circulation. Our products are certified and approved and easy to find online or at the pharmacy.

We provide medical-grade compression stockings for anyone with a medical condition or tired legs from standing all day at work.

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Medical quality – for everyone

We provide medical quality that is also highly beneficial for other needs.

The stockings are not only suitable to treat and prevent medical conditions, they also provide pleasant relief and extra support for:

  • Tired legs
  • Injuries
  • Swollen ankles of feet during pregnancy
  • Standing or sitting professions
  • Hiking, skiing and other sports

Medical conditions

Our Elastic Stockings are suitable for a range of medical conditions.

The difference between "normal" compression stockings and medical compression stockings is important! For the stockings to work properly, it is important to wear stockings with a graduated pressure profile. That's why it's crucial to measure the ankle size for the perfect fit!

The pressure profile varies between the types of stockings. SolvaCare compression stockings have a decreasing pressure profile. This helps to push oxygen-depleted blood effectively back up to the heart.

Approved Medical Device

The certification of our medical stockings as a Class I medical device, manufactured following ISO 13485, showcases their unique quality.

SolvaCare compression stockings comply with the NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) guidelines for graduated elastic anti-embolism stockings.

Immediate relief from annoying symptoms

Our stockings are available at the DM pharmacy. You'll also find all the colours and sizes available in our webshop.

Order on our website and receive your products within four working days!

The right size

The stockings are available in four different sizes. Use a tape measure to measure the ankle to determine which size is suitable. Our size guide will also help you choose the right size.

Why the size of the ankle determines the size and not shoe size

To get full therapeutic benefits from compression stockings, it is important to choose the right size based on ankle size.

Medical professionals and manufacturers have developed standardised measurements and guidelines for the most effective use of compression stockings.

Some providers offer compression stockings based on shoe size. This can make the ordering process simple, but it is not effective. Shoe size doesn't relate to ankle size. In fact, wearing a compression stocking based on shoe size can have a negative effect, and potentially be dangerous!

Correct graduated pressure in compression stockings is vital for effective blood circulation support.

It is important that the stockings provide the right pressure from the ankle and therefore the size of the ankle determines the right size, and not the size of the feet.

Instructions for putting on compression stockings

Putting on the stockings is easy, especially if you follow our practical instructions. You can find these here.