SolvaCare Sports Compression Stockings

One of the secret weapons used by athletes and endurance athletes to improve their performance and recover faster is sports compression stockings.

We have developed sports stockings based on scientific findings to give the best support during endurance sports. These stockings are an indispensable part of any sports equipment.

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What are sports compression stockings with graduated compression?

Sports compression stockings with downward compression are designed to apply firm, gradual pressure. The pressure gradually decreases from the ankle upwards to support blood circulation. SolvaCare sports compression stockings are based on the same pressure profile as our compression stockings. This specific pressure distribution promotes blood circulation and the removal of waste products.

The result? Extra support, no more heavy, painful or tired legs and faster recovery.

What are the benefits of graduated compression?

By improving blood flow, fatigue is less likely to occur. You recover faster. Muscle endurance improves and the risk of injury is reduced.

· Increased blood circulation

The unique technology of graduated compression stimulates blood circulation in your legs. This ensures the quick removal of waste products and a more efficient supply of nutrients to the muscles. All this leads to a faster recovery.

Optimal sporting performance

Improved blood circulation means you can train longer and harder without your legs getting tired as quickly.

Reduced feeling of heavy legs

The gradual pressure prevents the feeling of heavy and swollen legs. This is especially beneficial during or after intensive training or competition.

Protection and support

These sports stockings also provide protection and extra support for the muscles and tendons.

Improve your sports performance

Whether you’re a professional sportsperson, an endurance athlete or a casual sports enthusiast, SolvaCare’s sports compression stockings are a game-changer.

Our sports stockings collection is designed with the sports enthusiast in mind. The focus is on comfort, functionality and the benefits of compression. Discover how our sports stockings can help you achieve your sporting goals!

The right size sports stockings

Unlike medical compression stockings, you choose the right size sports compression stockings based on shoe size. For maximum comfort, each pair has a unique left and right foot.

The sports compression stockings are not an alternative to medical compression stockings. They shouldn’t be worn during periods of rest, at night or while travelling. Read the instructions for more information about warnings and contraindications.

Warnings and contraindications

  • Do not use this product if you have: existing thrombosis, arterial disease, pulmonary oedema, or phlebitis (infection of the leg).
  • Consult a doctor before use if any of the following apply: (hereditary) blood clotting problems, heart failure or problems with blood circulation, or recent surgery on the hip or knee.
  • Stop wearing the stockings at once if you feel any pain or discomfort. Consult a doctor immediately. Do not wear during rest or at night. Do not fold down the cuff of the stockings.

Washing instructions

Machine washing the stockings at a maximum of 40 degrees is recommended. It’s best to let the stockings air dry. Do not steam, iron, or bleach the stockings.