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Our compression stockings are very easy and simple to use. Click here to view the instructions on how to put on the stockings.

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SolvaCare compression stockings were developed in 2008 by a team of vascular scientists and vascular surgeons from University College London, using new technical knowledge.

The stockings are fitted with a pressure profile that improves blood flow in the lower legs. And with just four sizes, a compression stocking is available for almost everyone, guaranteeing good circulation from the ankle to the calf.


Four colours in four different sizes

A unique feature of SolvaCare compression stockings is that this optimum pressure profile is available to almost everyone with just four sizes. This applies to both our standard and sports compression stockings.

The size is easily determined by measuring the circumference of the ankle, thus guaranteeing the correct functionality of the compression stocking. Looking for the right size? Use our size guide.


Compression stockings for multiple medical conditions

SolvaCare compression stockings have a specially developed pressure profile. This makes them suitable to use in cases of:


Compression stockings support healthy blood circulation in the legs. They help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


SolvaCare compression stockings improve circulation in the legs and help drain fluid.

Varicose veins

SolvaCare compression stockings relieve symptoms of existing varicose veins and can help prevent new ones.


In some cases, wearing compression stockings may not be advisable. For example, if you suffer from the following conditions:

Tired legs

The compression stockings are ideal for people who have to stand or sit for a long time as they help relieve pain.

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