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The best products, at a great price

Our medical compression stockings provide the right support for everyday life. We offer a range of reliable and high-quality products to help the large group of people who really need them. That’s our mission.

Founder Edwin Lieverse

25 years expertise in medical devices and compression therapy

With over 25 years of experience, Edwin Lieverse is an expert in healthcare equipment, compression therapy and the related market.

When Class I compression stockings were removed from the basic healthcare insurance package, Edwin saw a gap in the market. Medical device suppliers had formed a consolidated market supplying healthcare authorities and pharmacies at high margins. The quality medical compression stockings they provided were no longer affordable at normal prices for everyone.

His mission?

Edwin wanted to bridge the gap between healthcare and retail. His goal was to ensure that medical compression stockings were accessible and affordable for the large group of people who needed them.

SolvaCare compression stockings were developed by a team of vascular scientists and surgeons at University College London (UCL). In 2010, Edwin founded SolvaCare with a mission to make the best medical compression stockings available to everyone. Since then, these products have been available in large pharmacies.

“There is a much wider audience that experiences benefits from wearing compression stockings, not just people with medical conditions. But they are still a medical item and should be taken seriously. It’s important that people choose the right size by measuring ankle circumference and wear them correctly. Choosing medical compression stockings based on shoe size can be ineffective, and it could even be dangerous.

We want to offer the best product at the best price, and above all we want to advise people with integrity” – Edwin Lieverse

Why choose SolvaCare medical compression stockings?

At SolvaCare, our products are:

  • Scientifically developed
  • European approved medical device (MDD and MDR)
  • Safe medical device – production is ISO 13485 certified

The compression stockings have a pressure profile that ensures optimal blood circulation in the lower legs to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). And they also help with varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles and tired legs. The compression stockings are available online and at the DM pharmacy.


How graduated compression helps

Compression stockings improve blood circulation by supporting the vein valves and promoting the flow of blood back to the heart. Using the stockings reduces the risk of blood clotting.

The downward pressure of the stockings helps to effectively push blood up and into the heart. SolvaCare compression stockings help with:

Swollen feet or ankles and oedema

Our compression stockings help prevent swollen feet or ankles. The medical term for an accumulation of excess fluid is oedema. The most common causes for this are:

• Standing or sitting for long periods
• Menstruation and pregnancy
• Excessive salt consumption
• Serious health conditions

Standing or sitting for a long time is often the culprit. This leads to insufficient use of your calf muscles, preventing the proper flow of low-oxygen blood from your legs to your heart and activation of your lymphatic system.
The downward compression of the stockings supports blood circulation and removes waste materials. The pressure profile of the stockings helps to prevent oedema.


Thrombosis occurs when blood clots form, often after surgery or due to reduced blood circulation.

Our circulatory system actively transports oxygen-rich blood from the heart to our muscles and organs and returns oxygen-poor blood to the heart and lungs.

The function of the calf muscle, along with crucial valves in the veins, plays a vital role in pushing blood back to the heart and lungs against gravity. However, if movement is restricted, like sitting or lying down for extended periods, this system may be affected.


In some cases, wearing compression stockings may not be advisable. For example, if you suffer from the following conditions:

Heavy or tired legs

Our products provide relief for heavy and tired legs by stimulating lymphatic drainage in the leg and improving fluid removal.

Many people are unaware that heavy or tired legs can be caused by poor drainage of waste material.

Varicose veins

Our medical compression stockings can help in several ways if you have varicose veins. They reduce the pain and swelling and the heavy feeling you may experience with varicose veins.

Varicose veins obstruct the efficient return flow of blood to the heart. The stockings encourage this flow and help to relieve symptoms. Wearing the stockings can also help prevent symptoms from getting worse.

Sports compression stockings

To improve sports performance, we also offer special sports compression stockings.

The stockings are specifically designed for endurance sports and function differently from regular compression stockings. They help with lactic acid build-up, tired legs and speed up recovery.

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