January 3, 2024

Compression stockings for different professions

Compression stockings for people who stand all day at work

Do you suffer from tired legs or heavy legs when walking? This is often caused by working on your feet all day. The benefit of wearing compression stockings to prevent tired legs was discovered in hospitals. The hospital staff, who used compression stockings to prevent thrombosis in patients, started wearing them too. They discovered the stockings relieved the symptoms of tired and heavy legs.

This makes sense as the graduated pressure improves blood circulation and removes waste products, which is one of the main causes of tired legs.

Compression stockings for nursing and care professionals

Our medical compression stockings are ideal for people who stand all day at work.

Many nurses and other care professionals often use them for extra relief. The stockings provide all-day comfort, support, and prevent swollen ankles caused by water retention.

Compressiesokken voor zorgpersoneel en medici

Hospitality staff: Miles of support

Working in the hospitality industry means you can often walk miles in a night! This exercise is great for leg circulation, but it can often lead to fatigue.

Hospitality workers also benefit from our compression stockings help to prevent tired legs!

SolvaCare helps you welcome your guests with a smile all day long!

Compressiekousen voor Horeca

Cabin crew: The tired legs of flight attendants and pilots

SolvaCare compression stockings provide cabin crew with an effective solution to combat tired legs and swelling caused by cabin pressure.

Our compression stockings can easily be incorporated into strict dress codes, thanks to the wide range of colours we offer.

Compressiekousen voor luchtvaartpersoneel

Relief for heavy legs caused by standing at work

In today’s world of long work hours, SolvaCare medical compression stockings are a must-have for those in standing and sitting professions. These stockings are designed to maintain health and wellbeing while working and also provide comfort.

SolvaCare offers a reliable solution for professionals in healthcare, air travel, hospitality and office environments, based on scientific research. The unique pressure profile of the stockings optimises blood circulation, reduces fatigue and prevents swelling.

These stockings provide comfort and protect healthcare professionals from varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis. They encourage the effective removal of waste products, resulting in more energy and less fatigue.

Office jobs: Promoting blood circulation during sedentary work

Many people sit at their desks and hardly move at all. Giving your blood circulation an extra boost is recommended for office workers. 

SolvaCare medical compression stockings are ideal for professionals in office environments as they offer effective support for improved blood circulation during long periods of sitting.

These stockings, with their unique descending pressure profile, stimulate blood circulation and promote drainage of the lymphatic system. This reduces and prevents fatigue in the legs.

Compressiekousen voor kantoormedewerkers

Support for jobs that involve sitting or standing

Our compression stockings are a great solution for professionals who stand for prolonged periods at work, like hairdressers, dentists, and mechanics, to relieve pain, fatigue, and swelling.

Compressiekousen voor kappers, tandartsen en staande beroepen.

Why SolvaCare: The best compression stockings

  • Unique sizes: SolvaCare offers four sizes to ensure the optimal pressure profile for everyone. You can easily decide what size you need by measuring your ankle. Choosing compression stockings by shoe size never guarantees the right pressure profile or effectiveness!
  • Strict guidelines: Our compression stockings comply with strict NICE guidelines for medical devices from the UK government. They are produced according to ISO 14538.
  • Durability: The stockings are designed to maintain their effective compression profile for at least 15 washes. They can be machine washed at a maximum of 75ÂșC.

Where can I buy the stockings?

Go to our webshop! Free shipping outside the Netherlands is available when you purchase three pairs or more. The compression stockings are also available at DM pharmacies.

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